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Remove the Stress from Funeral Catering; At Home Catering Are Here to Help

Remove the Stress from Funeral Catering

Funerals are a time where emotions run high, organisation is imperative and generally being on top of your emotions and planning is vital. But during these difficult times, the entire arrangement of a funeral can quickly become overwhelming. The last thing when arranging funeral catering is to feel it is all too much and to start feeling stressed. Food is just one of the many aspects that needs arranging at a funeral, and we are here to help. We have many years-experience in delivering exceptional catering for all types of events including funerals.

Common Funeral Catering Issues

There are many important parts of a funeral and wake that need to be arranged. This means that there are plenty of opportunity for issues to arise. For example, there is the location to select. The date to organise. The invitations need to be sent. The undertakers. The undertakers will help with a lot of the arranging, but this assistance may not extend to the wake. In particular, there are many problems that arise within the funeral catering aspect alone. The number of guests, dietary requirements, venue space to work in just to name a few. At At Home Catering, we not only deliver high quality catering, but we also are event organisers. This means that we understand the preparation that goes into a funeral. Our funeral catering services will remove any food-related stress at your loved one’s wake as we do all of our own set up, cooking and of course, washing up afterwards. We always leave our work space in a better condition from when we arrive.

At Home’s Range of Catering Skills

Within the invited friends and family, there may be some who are vegetarians and there could be others who have strict dietary requirements. Without an excellent funeral catering company, this can create extra stress for you. But, with our skilled chefs and professionals, we can create equally delicious vegetarian meals. We can also create dishes that meet dietary requirements such as gluten free and dishes that cater towards certain allergies (we will need to know about any dietary requirements beforehand!). We believe that food is for everyone, and no one should miss out on our tasty dishes. We have an array of meal options available for you; both sweet desserts and savoury dishes, which are perfect for any time of the day. All you have to do is ask what we can provide for you! Our bespoke funeral catering service has seen us cook up a wide variety of dishes. To find out what we have served, we are more than happy to have a chat about it. So please do get in touch via our contact page! Not only do we provide a tasty service, but we also serve our catering with the utmost professionalism and with a friendly, warming service. At this emotional time, we want your guests to feel comforted with an approachable team of caterers ready to converse and have an excellent time doing it.

Funeral Catering; Expert Advice

We have been providing funeral catering services for many, many years now. And in our time of providing these services, we have picked up a few excellent tips and pointers of what makes a funeral catering service great. We have found that finger foods are not only easier to arrange, but it also allows those who are reuniting at the wake to mingle with all of their long-time friends. As opposed to a seating arrangement at a sit down meal which could limit social activity. And with such a variety of finger foods available, it makes perfect sense to allow guests to pick and choose what they would like to enjoy whilst catching up with old friends!

A Comforting Staff Service

We train our staff to not only provide excellent food for your guests, but also to provide a friendly and comforting service. We have found that serving plenty of smiles have been a key talking point in most of our verbal client feedback, something that we pride ourselves on. We have also discovered that delicious food with an excellent customer service is a winning combination in providing great services.

Catering for numbers

It is essential that there is enough food for everyone. It sounds obvious, but we have found that many clients would rather have many delicious leftovers than to try and save a few pennies and risk not having enough food. Anything that is leftover at the end of the day will be wrapped and packaged for you to take home and be enjoyed at a later date. We truly believe in ensuring that no food is wasted!

Funeral Wake Organisation

Not only do we provide high quality catering services, we can actually help arrange the wake in its entirety. This will allow you to truly focus on what’s important on the day; being with friends and family and reminiscing the fun times had together. We double up as an event planning company having planned a range of events from private parties to entire weddings. Organising a funeral wake for you is well within our skillset and we will happily work closely alongside you in order to make sure that it is exactly as you pictured it in your head. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you organise the entire funeral wake.

Leave the Funeral Catering to Us

During this difficult time, we want to be clear; At Home Catering is here for you. Once hired, you will not have to worry about the catering side of the funeral as we will have it all taken care of. We understand that it is an emotional time to go through. We would like to help you through it as best as we can. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, call us on 01932 862 026 or email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.
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