Packed Lunch Catering: School Lunches, Work Lunches & More!

Packed Lunch Catering

Packed lunches are a delicious option that usually work out cheaper than the hot meals at work or at schools. For a delicious packed lunch that you could really impress colleagues with or knowing that you are providing a nutritious and tasty lunch for you little loved one, look no further than At Home Catering. We provide healthy and delicious packed lunch options that are both filling and nutritious. Save yourself the time and the hassle of making packed lunches ever again and pick yourself a scrumptious and filling packed lunch that will keep you full for the entire afternoon.

Sandwiches for Lunch

Sandwiches are a common staple within the packed lunch and are usually the bulk of your lunch. It is very easy to fall into the same routine of making the same sandwiches day in and day out. So why not pick up a new packed lunch from us. Go further than a ham and cheese sandwich and really dive into our deli menu which is filled with a selection of gourmet, overstuffed sandwiches. You certainly get your money’s worth when you purchase our lunch items. Some of our sandwich options include: fresh roast chicken with bacon, avocado and mayo; smoked turkey, emmenthal cheese with Dijon mustard, lettuce and tomato; chorizo, houmous, tomato and rocket as well as roast beef, parmesan with horseradish mayo and rocket. We have a variety of fillings available for you so please do pick your favourite. All of our fillings can also come in a baguette or on granary bread if that is an option you would prefer.

Healthy Salad Options

Similar to our sandwich options, we have a wide range of salads that we are confident will be one of the best salads you’ve ever had. All of our salads are freshly made to order and are simply incredible. We offer an impressive range that covers green leaf salads, coleslaws, couscous, quinoa and rice just to name a few. Specific salad dishes include: coronation chicken salad with toasted almonds, red peppers and apricots; chickpea, cucumber, pepper salad with a yoghurt and dill dressing; North African couscous accompanied by roasted vegetables, a Thai noodle salad and many, many more. Get in touch to see our specialities or hear about our seasonal menu which will offer fresh, in-season dishes that taste spectacular.

Homemade Soup for Lunch

This option is more for a packed lunch for work as opposed to a school packed lunch for the kids. At Home Catering offer delicious soups that are both warming and filling. Keep this within a thermal flask, and you will be able to enjoy the warm soup whenever you feel like throughout the day. We do recommend however, that it is cold outside when you choose this option as carrying a thermal flask with you during the Summer will look a bit weird! We have a range of soups available and we are certain that you will find one that will set off your taste buds! A handful of our soups include the flavours: creamy chicken and sweetcorn; pea and watercress; spiced sweet potato and coconut; carrot, lentil and bacon as well as smoked haddock and sweetcorn. We also have a handful of luxury soups that are available. They are sold at market price and taste nothing short of incredible. Some of these soups include: lobster bisque, Thai crab and mussel as well as Bouillabaisse just to name a few.

The Perfect School or Work Lunch

Make your packed lunches more exciting again. Gone are the days of plain sandwiches. Order your first packed lunch from At Home Catering and notice the difference immediately. Our packed lunch options will change the way you eat lunch forever. For more information about your lunch options, please do get in touch. Call us on 01932 862 026 or email us at
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