Winter Wedding Tips

There is no doubt that winter is a beautiful time of year for a wedding. All the festivities of Christmas, the cold crisp days and the hearty food. But organising a winter wedding needs some extra considerations to make sure you make the most of the daylight hours and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Choose your venue wisely! A marquee is a popular choice for a wedding but will require some proper flooring and heating which you don’t necessarily need in summer. It goes without saying that an open marquee will not be suitable on a cold winter’s day, so make sure you pick the right style!


You will most certainly want photos taken at your wedding, however, make sure you plan your day to ensure you make the most of the daylight. If your service is in the afternoon, by the time it’s over it will be dark so bear that in mind. You could have your photographs taken before the ceremony to make the most of the light. You could always have a sunset photoshoot so check what time this will occur, so you can schedule this into the day.


Bear in mind the weather conditions – it may be wet underfoot so if your guests are coming back to your house make sure you’ve got protection on the floors from mud. The temperature is likely to be low as well, so extra touches like blankets or heaters will keep your guests warm. Umbrellas are also a good idea if it is raining so your guests don’t get wet! Your guests will most likely be wearing coats, so make sure there is somewhere for your guests to store them. Adverse weather conditions can mean that there are delays on the roads, so make sure you give extra time to travel to the ceremony. Some of your guests may be late or if it snows, they may not be able to make it, so flexibility is essential.


Pick flowers in season for your bouquet and decorations. You could even add some berries for an autumnal feel and use colours such as red, burgundy, white and green. Other touches such as pinecones add a festive feel to the bouquet.


Depending when your wedding is, you could have a festive wedding with Christmas trees, twinkling lights and foliage. Or why not have a wintery white wedding and keep the décor clean and fresh. For a cosy feel, a barn is a popular choice for a reception and can be decorated with lanterns, tea lights and foliage.


What better way to keep your guests warm than by producing hearty dishes and using food that’s currently in season? As it is chilly outside, a warm starter is a popular option. But bear in mind this will be more expensive option as the waiters will have to plate the food up last minute to keep the food warm.


Wintery drinks such as mulled wine will certainly warm your guests up and get them in a festive mood! These can be handed out on your guests’ arrival to keep them warm. You could create a children’s version with apple juice or a peppermint hot chocolate.

Outside Seating

Winter is such a cosy time of year, so why not add a firepit for a lovely romantic feel. An outdoor area could be filled with heaters and haybales, for any smokers in the party or anyone who wants a breath of fresh air.


As daylight will be limited, you can use candles to create a romantic feel and add a bit of extra light. Fairy lights will also create a warm and intimate atmosphere and can be twined around beams or posts.


You could even have wintery themed favours such as sparklers, festive cookie cutters, spices for mulled wine or hot chocolate mixes. If it is a Christmas wedding, crackers are a fun idea to have on the tables and they help to break the ice.


A dress with sleeves is a good idea for extra warmth or make sure you have a jacket to put on to keep you warm when you’re not inside. As the ground may be muddy or wet, you don’t have to stick to white shoes either. Why not opt for a dark coloured shoe such as navy and you can always wear them again after the wedding.   If you’d like to learn more about winter wedding options and catering services, why not get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with our expert team.
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