Wedding Food Ideas for Buffet; Delicious Wedding Buffet Ideas

Tired of the same old wedding ? Do you want your wedding to be the one to beat when it comes to food? Why not try some of these imaginative yet equally delicious ideas for your wedding.

Wedding Food Ideas

At home are very bespoke and never make clients choose from a set menu.  We talk to our clients to understand what they want out of their event in all aspects including catering.  If a traditional 3 course wedding breakfast is not on the future bride and groom’s wish list then take a look at how else they can cater your wedding.

Food stations

Rather than sitting down for 3 courses why not have a canape reception and then let guests roam around the space which is scattered with food stations all serving different dishes and even different cuisines from around the world. Some of our favourite food stations are a seafood station (can even be served from an iced bar), mushroom station offering mushroom and truffle oil risotto and mushroom pappardelle.  Becoming very popular now is a taco and burrito station where guests can pick and choose what they have and it’s all freshly made.  Food stations also act as a great way for interaction between your guests and the staff.  Dessert can either be served from a food station and we love serving freshly baked churros and chocolate dipping sauce in this way or you can have passed desserts to your guests.

Canape and Bowl food

A great way for a less formal event allowing the guest to mingle but one of the biggest benefits is that you do not have to worry about a table plan which is one of the biggest headaches when organising a wedding and something your caterer cannot help you with.  The food can start with canapes and as the day progresses you can switch to offering bowl food.  The switch over between canape and bowls allows a natural break in which you can have your speeches and guests can be sat around relaxed rather than at a table.  If your guests have had a canape and bowl food menu we love to set up an ice-cream bar with endless choice of toppings for their dessert but will also pass round little treats such as salted caramel and chocolate brownie bites for those with a sweet tooth.

Summer BBQ

If getting married in the summer many of our brides and grooms request a BBQ menu.  We find the best way to serve this is to have a plated starter at the table and also a plated dessert but the main course to be served from a BBQ.  Depending on guest numbers, we would often have 2 BBQ’s offering the same so that guests do not have to queue as we feel that, this shouldn’t happen on your special day.  Visually it looks so impressive having two BBQ’s running alongside each other at the same time and also means your guests all end up eating at the same time so helps you stick to your schedule and timings for the day.

Tapas and Pintxos

Grazing and tapas are becoming a very popular style of eating at events now and we love laying platters on your guest’s tables and watching them all interact and pass items round.  It’s a great idea if you have tables of guests that don’t really know each other as it encourages them to start talking and breaks the ice.  It’s also means that you and your guests get to try lots of different dishes. However I would only recommend doing this idea for 1 or 2 of the courses so that the novelty doesn’t ware off for your guests.

Sweeten Things Up

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and think that your guests will too, then arranging for a plethora of sweet treats would be ideal. There is obviously the wedding cake that will be served however; accompanying that with another dessert buffet will be one of the highlights of the entire day! Dessert stations are a fun way to get your guest up and have a large selection of sweets! At Home is famous for its dessert stations-ours often include shoes made out of chocolate!

Keep cool in Summer

Thinking of hosting a summer wedding? Amongst all the suits and the dancing, some guests can get quite hot. Why not provide some frozen treats to your guests or better still alcoholic popsicles from our supplier – for example watermelon martini. Just a few ideas from a brainstorm on how to make your wedding catering stand out and different from the traditional 3 course breakfast.  Why not talk to us to discuss how we can assist you on your special day. Call us on 01932 862 026 or email us at and see how we can help you today!
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