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Table Pieces Ideas: Stunning Centrepieces to Impress Guests

Table Pieces Ideas

Table decorations are important when it comes to hosting and organising an event. They aren’t high on the priority list of event organisation; however, they should not be overlooked in the slightest. But when it comes to the table decoration itself, it is vital that the centrepiece is well thought out and matches the theme of the event. The beautiful part of a table centrepiece is that there are many different types of centrepieces you can have. Usually, your event planner will have many ideas about gorgeous centrepieces, but if you already have your own ideas about what you would like, they can usually be catered for and incorporated into your event. If you are stuck for ideas though, we have thought of some excellent ideas that will work at your corporate event, wedding or personal party!

Centerpiece Flowers

Flowers are a staple table centrepiece decoration. They are the traditional choice and can be found at most events and celebrations. One benefit of having flowers as your table centrepiece is that they can easily match the theme of event in terms of style and colour.  at home catering often ask the florist to make the centrepiece flowers something guests can take at the end of the event so that the flowers are not wasted. One important aspect though is to make sure that you leave enough room on the table for the cutlery and dinnerware. No one likes an overcrowded table.

Table Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are usually seen as a comedy prop that is guaranteed to smash all over the floor. However, when done properly, ice sculptures boast such grandeur and can really impress guests. They are a great fit for winter themed events and are an excellent choice for a table centrepiece. Ice sculptures are very versatile and can be whatever you would like them to be. From glorious ice designs to a piece that promotes the brand to all that see it. When a spotlight hits an ice sculpture it glistens causing the centre of the table to look alive.

Decorative Candles

We have had many requests in the past to have an arrangement of candles in the middle of table as a decorative centrepiece and they do look beautiful. They help set the mood and dining by candlelight is quite a unique experience. Candles provide a beautiful ambient glow to the table and add an element of sophistication to the night. It has even been proven that candles can benefit a person’s mood and emotions! Having said that, it is important to remain safe around candle arrangements as these are open flames so we often tend to use hurricane candles or candles within a vessel.

Themed Centerpieces

If there is a specific theme for an event we are often asked to design table centres fit for the theme.  Recently we planned and catered for a ‘touch of magic’ 21st birthday party.  There were 12 round tables and we designed a different table centre for each.  4 of our favourites were astronomy, crystals, dark art and land of gems.

A Bouquet of Balloons

No one is ever too old for a balloon. They are always fun and they will always be a decorative centrepiece. The variety of balloons that are available means that they are quite versatile and you should be able to meet event colours. With letter balloons, you can also personalise the event by spelling out the reason behind the event. ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy Birthday’, you can even spell out your brand name or new product launch. The great thing about balloons is that they can be positioned at any height so if there isn’t much space in the centre of the table you can still have a centrepiece and it looks great from far away.  We love this company

Table Centerpiece Ideas

Hopefully, we have provided some centrepiece ideas with this wonderful list. We love to see what kind of ideas you have so please do get in touch with us! You can call us on 01932 862 026 or you can email us at and we will reply as soon as we can!  
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