Inspiration for Marquees; the all year round addition to your home hosted event

Need some inspiration for your next event? Why not utilise your outside space and make marquees that much needed addition? You can really go to town with the themeing and decorate the marquee accordingly; we can also help with any ideas you have! Marquees can be various sizes and suit any outdoor space, meaning they are very flexible and can work to any requirement. They can also be used come rain or shine and in any season. Also, if you don’t want the main entertainment of your event to be inside your house, then a marquee is the ideal solution for this! If you are stuck for ideas, then we have a few to help you out!


Lighting is an integral part to a marquee. Soft fairy lights or a glistening chandelier will transform the place into an enchanting and magical space. Fairy lights can be arranged into a canopy to create a pretty ceiling and a warm atmosphere. Additionally, paper lanterns add a pop of colour and different sizes and colours will create a unique decoration. Lights leading from the house to the marquee and will guide your guests to the hub of the event. Lanterns are also another good way to light up the outside of the marquee or LED floodlights would also work just as well.


The dance floor will inevitably be the focus point of the evening. This, accompanied by a bar, will allow your guests to celebrate and really let their hair down! You could have different areas; quiet area will be appreciated to give your guests time to rest their sore feet. A raised platform or stage will be useful for a band/musicians or space for a presentation or speech. You could hire either a DJ or a live band or even musicians, such as a guitarist or violinist, depending on the type of event.


The season has a huge impact on the style of your event. In spring/summer, a marquee is an ideal addition to your event as everyone can enjoy the summer sunshine and will provide a space for your guests to have fun and enjoy a nice sit-down meal. The marquee can be decorated with fresh flowers hanging from the ceiling along with twinkling lights. Bunting is also a popular choice for decorations as well as paper lanterns. These can be different colours or all white for a classic approach. Or why not use leaves as decorations – these could be twined around poles to create a very fresh feel.


In the summer, you could have a garden party with seating under the marquee as well as outside. This could be accompanied by games such as croquet or cricket and serve food afternoon tea style. Or why not turn the marquee into a home-hosted club – with a dance floor and flowing drinks, your guests will be sure to have a good time. Alternatively, why not theme your evening around a movie, music style or different country. A marquee can be transformed into an Ibiza club, a Christmas winter wonderland or 1920s themed party. Another popular choice for a marquee is a rustic theme, teamed with flowers, signs to point the way to the celebrations and jars to serve drinks in. A firepit is also a great addition to a rustic themed event; it allows guests to socialise and creates a cosy feel. Hay bales have become a trend in recent years to add to the country feel and provide extra informal seating.

Marquee Style

A popular style of marquee that can be used is a stretch marquee which allows for cover but doesn’t restrict the clients space as they can walk freely underneath. They can also be used on hilly areas and can make the area feel more spacious as there are no sides. Traditional marquees are elegant with swooping lines – perfect for a wedding or formal event. They can be open at the sides to allow people to enjoy the outside space. Yurts are a festival alternative style; they are circular and create a cosy atmosphere and can come in different sizes.


Marquees are great for formal dining – there’s lots of space for rows of tables and can be waited on by waiting staff. Alternatively, a buffet works just as well where people can help themselves to the food they want. For a more festival/relaxed style event why not try a hog roast or have a catering van where guests can queue and decide what they want to eat. This provides lots of variety for the guests and suits all dietary requirements. If you’re looking to host an event and want to incorporate a marquee, then get in touch with us at At Home Catering to discuss your requirements! To see how we can help call us on 01932 862 026 or email us at
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