5 Important Wedding Table Details – Personalise your Table Decorations

Everyone knows that it’s the little things that really pack a punch at a wedding. Personalised messages, thoughtful treats or even just something that is out of the box.

5 Important Wedding Table Details

Weddings are the place to show off your taste and express the inner stylist within. Colour schemes, patterns, arrangements are all decided by you. Now whilst there are a number of things to organise when planning a wedding, it is the little things that often don’t receive the same amount of planning time. On the list of many ‘little things’ that need to be addressed are the wedding table details. These are the little decorations that are placed on the tables at the wedding breakfast. There are a lot of ideas that could be done for the wedding table decoration, but it is also very easy to stand out from the norm. Take a look at what we think are the 5 most important details to have upon your wedding tables. We have also given you some ideas on how to put your own spin on them.


Centrepieces sound obvious, but it is the main attraction of the wedding table and can be a perfect conversation starter for estranged guests. Traditionally, a lot of wedding consists of flowers as the centrepieces which is always a beautiful touch and helps add to the aroma of the room. We often encourage guests to have arrangements that guests can take away at the end of the night so whether they be hand tied individual bouquets hidden in vases or often we will gather flowers up at the end of the night and package in little gift bags passing out to your guests as they leave. If you are not one for flowers why not have an impressive candle arrangement which will create a romantic atmosphere for guests around the table.  A mixture of night lights, candelabras and pillar candles look stunning together.

Place cards

Your guests need to know where you have chosen to place them on your tables and usually is represented by a little tent card with their name on it.  There are so many different ways to indicate their position on the table and we love the alternatives.  For example, why not personalise each guest’s menu with their name on the top and the added bonus of this is less paper and stationary required.  It also acts as a lovely keepsake of the day that guests can take home with them.  Another of our favourites is having their names laser cut and made out of acrylic or wood – definitely something they will keep for years to come.

Wedding Favours

Everyone secretly loves a wedding favour. When they walk to their seats and they see a treat waiting for them, their heart jumps a little. A popular choice are little sweet treats with a personal touch.  Instead of choosing a sweet treat for your guests why not again offer something they can keep afterwards and make use – a few summers ago we did a wedding and the bridge and groom had night lights holders engraved with their names and wedding date and more recently each guest was given a tiny bottle of olive oil from the Italian town they were soon to be honeymooning in.  We love thinking outside of the box and though keeping with the traditional elements, we love getting creative.

Awkward Icebreakers

All of your guests are important to you, but not every guest will know each other. That is why we suggest giving your guests icebreaking conversations! It shows that you acknowledge things could be awkward, and you would like everyone to have a good time! Add your own little comment to show that you simply want everyone to get along so they better hurry up and make friends! Hopefully, the conversation will flow naturally and they shouldn’t be needed however, it’s always nice to have a backup plan! Make sure that the topics of conversations aren’t controversial though, we like to keep things friendly and lively!

Personalise your Wedding Table Details

As we have mentioned throughout this post, adding a personal touch to your table details really shows your guests that you are willing to go the extra mile. As wedding planners, we know that every detail counts and will be here for you to turn your visions into reality. See how we can help you by calling our office on 01932 862 026 or you can email us at parties@athomecatering.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form!
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