We have an extensive wine list containing wines from around the world and our in-house sommelier can suggest wines to compliment your chosen dishes.

A great addition to a party is to set up a cocktail bar, no matter how big or small the event, cocktails always go down a treat amongst the guests.  We can even supply flare barmen at your party to offer a theatrical side to the event.

Our cocktail list is extensive, and our barmen also enjoy creating cocktails specific for each event and even during the event itself. Each of our drinks are served in a specific glass and garnished in a certain way, so, like our food, they can be classed as a work of art.

There is something special about treating your guests to their own cocktail bar and we can provide bar structures that add to the atmosphere.

A few of our favourite cocktails can be seen below. If you wish to talk to us about cocktail parties at home, then please contact us for more information.