Amuse Bouche

Amuse-bouche, or as the French call it, mouth amuser, is a great addition to a menu for a sit-down lunch or dinner for catered events.

In a restaurant, an amuse-bouche is often left as the chef’s choice, however, we have a list of options which we allow our clients to choose from rather than it being a surprise – although we can offer it as a surprise if our guests so wish.

The purpose of this course prepares the guests for the meal ahead and allows the chef to express his or her big ideas in small bites.

We find that introducing this course into the seated meal acts as an ice breaker and a talking point, whilst allowing the kitchen time to prepare the following courses if timings for the event are unknown beforehand. This is often the case in corporate occasions or private functions when guests might not be that prompt in arriving.

If you are looking for event catering in Surrey & London and wish to discuss what an amuse-bouche menu can bring to your next catering event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.