Norbury Park Farm Cheese

Norbury Park Farm Cheese was established in 2002 making cheese from the family’s herd of raw Friesan cows milk to add value and sustain the dairy industry.  In November last year the cheese making facility moved to silent pool where there was more room to expand, now using local raw cow’s milk from Aldhurst Farm in Capel just outside of Dorking, Surrey.  This gives the farmer a premium on their milk to sustain the dairy making ‘Norbury Blue’ a semi soft blue cheese and ‘Dirty Vicar’ a white mounded with exterior like Brie / Camembert and centre like Caerphilly, which melts like mozzarella. We have been direct customers for 15 years and we are very proud to showcase their cheeses in our fridge. We like to deal with them due to their non-commercial attitude and that they only deal with independents and never with a supermarket.

Norbury Park also offer  ‘Cheese Experience Tours’ which we can highly recommend doing!