Moosie Munch Granola

The story of Moosie Munch from the maker herself…..

I first discovered granola on a trip to Woodstock, Vermont some 10 years ago. I remember buying freshly roasted granola from a little deli shop and eating the whole carton within minutes, no milk, nothing.

A few years later I discovered that I was intolerant to wheat. Breakfast posed the biggest challenge. No one loves breakfast goodies more than I do – toast, croissants, cereals – however everything contains wheat! I tried baking spelt bread, no good. Oat bread was next. What a disaster. Finally I remembered the wonderful granola I had tried in Vermont and set out to create my own version.


Many years of trial and error followed. Finally Moosie Munch was born. Why Moosie Munch? An embarrassing nickname whose origins have thankfully been lost in the mist of time!


What we now have is a wholesome, healthy and delicious granola that makes a wonderful breakfast. Simple, high quality ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial in it. Perfect for an everyday breakfast however it also makes for a wonderful treat. Try it as part of a leisurely, indulgent brunch with a good quality natural yoghurt and fresh fruit such as blueberries or raspberries. Or just on its own, as a snack. Moosie Munch is not a low calorie product. It is however packed full of wholesome, slow release ingredients which will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.