John Ross Smoked Salmon

Scotland’s oldest traditional smokery produces its succulent Scottish smoked salmon in historic brick kilns that date back to 1857. This time-honoured method of slowly cold smoking its superior, sustainably farmed Scottish salmon over oak and beech wood is a very rare method used by the producer since the mid-nineteenth century. The salmon are hand-filleted, dry salt-cured (also by hand), hand-trimmed and then sliced and then individually hand packed. The result? A deliciously velvety and gently smoked salmon. In more recent times the family-run smokery has added some other speciality flavours that we pleased to stock including a Lapsang Souchong Tea smoked salmon, with a deep aromatic smoke – and a deliciously sweet Whisky infused smoked salmon. This award-winning smoked salmon producer also has the honour of being granted the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen for over three decades.